South Africa
Part 1

Just to refresh your memory, you may wanna read or re-read Kyle's first meeting with Nick about halfway through trip04.htm, and continuing in the chapters thereafter. Meanwhile, this is the story of Kyle's second meeting with Nick, and a surprise friend.
With Steph, Mark, and Steve all going away for spring break, I had to organize something for myself.

"Nick? It's Kyle. How's it going?"

"Kyle! Fucking hell, man, you're the last person I expected to phone. Howya been?"

"Cool. Listen, school hols are coming up next week and I was wondering if..."

"Hey! You're coming up here?"

"Well, I thought..."

"Fucking wicked!"

I'd arranged with Nick to meet me half way up the highway. I was gonna hitch, but my dad didn't like the idea of my hitching alone, so he offered to drive me to Riviersdonderend, where Nick would be waiting with his motor bike. My mom wasn't too keen on the idea of my riding pilion for three hours, but, hey, a guy had to do what a guy had to do.

On the Tuesday, my dad arrived home about 11am, and I boarded the Kombi [VW van] with my rucksack. I felt like shit about my dad having to drive the one and a half hours return trip on his own, but the drive up was cool. We got to talking about next year, and the obvious thing came up. But I knew that already. My folks didn't have the money to keep me at school for the post-matriculation course.

"I could make a deal with the school to pay the fees monthly."

"Thanks dad, but I'm gonna take a break for a year, find a job, and save up for college."

Dad was really upset about my decision, but, hey, I had the best folks anyone could ever want. They bought everything I'd ever needed, often going without so that I could receive a good education. My folks were never rich, but I never felt poor, or disadvantaged. My dad had shown me how to make money by doing odd jobs around the 'hood, and that money bought most extras I needed, plus kept me in surf gear, and even paid for my entertainment.

"Well, I must admit, it's a relief to know you're not stressing about missing out on post-matric. But I wonder about you being a white boy with a strong affirmative action program in this country -- it means no bursaries -- not even if you get straight As."

"Hey, dad, if I've gotta wait tables or some shit like that to put myself through college, I will. No favs, OK? I don't wanna owe anyone... at least, no more than I already owe."

"You owe your mother and me nothing, Kyle. You're the best son we could've wished for."

"I'm no angel, dad."

"We know that."

"Actually, I'm a bit of a scallywag."

"We know that, too."

We'd been at the roadside diner for about half an hour, with dad stressing about whether or not Nick would arrive at all, when we heard the roar of Nick's CBR, announcing his arrival. Even after some months since we'd last met, Nick still looked like a fifteen year old, despite his helmet and Raybans.

He looped a leg over the bike, and walked toward us, carrying a spare helmet. After giving me a quick guy-type hug, he shook my dad's hand, then joined us for a quick bite to eat.

"So what are you guys gonna get up to?"

"Just the usual."

"That's what worries me."

"Jeez, dad, we're just gonna go sight-seeing, take in a bit of surf, that kinda thing."

"Yeah, right. I was a teen once, too, remember."

"So what did you get up to?"

"Don't ask."

Considering my dad had met Nick only once when Nick was waiting tables at a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, I got the impression that he liked my bud. And as dad and Nick chatted, I took the opportunity to study Nick while he was eating. He hadn't changed much... still had that shock of spiky, black hair, like mine only shorter, and the cutest face on earth. I also noticed that his bod was more buffed than previously, if that was possible.

Outside the diner, dad gave me the most enormous hug, then looked like a lost fart in a thunderstorm as Nick and I put on our helmets. Jeez, I was only gonna be away for a few days, but you would've thought I was going away for fucking ever.

As the CBR pulled away, I snuggled up close to Nick, with my arms wrapped around him. He was wearing a leather jacket with a zip, then a flap with buttons, so I couldn't get my hands inside his jacket. That was OK, though, 'cause having my hands on his legs was also cool.

It was totally great to feel the wind racing past us, and to hear the roar of the bike as Nick revved it through the gears. Being on a bike was like no other form of transport. There was a special freedom, and a feeling of exhileration, as those two wheels ate up the country miles.

I was wearing two ts, a sweat top, and a thick jacket 'cause Nick had warned me prior to my departure from Cape Town that the wind could be bitingly cold. He was right... especially at speed.

"Dad? We're at a roadside cafe in Knysna, up the Garden Route. Just wanted you to know that we're almost at Nick's... and everything's OK... well, except for my ass. I'm not used to riding on a bike for hours."

While Nick and I were eating burgers, and sipping on Cokes, he pinched my arm.

"Ouch! Fuck!"

"I'm just checking that you're real, dude," he laughed. "Fucking hell, Kyle, I really didn't think you were gonna come."

"Is that cum or come?"

"What-fucking-ever... both are gonna happen now that you're here."

As we both cracked at our jokes, I was reminded of Jimothy, a cyber friend, and a fan of Daniels Diary. Nick was a lot like Jimothy in the way he would be totally over the top while he was speaking to you... always joking, and not taking things too seriously, except for his lovemaking.

About half an hour later, after taking the remainder of the trip a bit more slowly, we turned off the highway onto a dirt road which meandered its way toward Nick's 'farm'. The road wound its way through a magnificent forest of towering yellow-woods, which dwarfed us two teens on the noisy bike. But, despite the sound of the revving engine as the CBR negotiated the twists and turns, you could still sense the silence and the profound peace of the forest.

A few miles further on, we took another, smaller dirt road, which led directly to Nick's place. On our arrival, I saw five horses running around in an open paddock. Then, a sudden, eerie silence. After Nick had turned off the ignition, we were suddenly plunged into the soft, subtle sounds of the forest... birds calling... the wind in the tree tops. You needed to come from a city to appreciate those country sounds.

"You hear that?"


"You're probably used to it."


The first thing I noticed about Nick's bungalow was that it was spotlessly clean inside, just as I remembered it from my last visit. His surfboard stood against one wall, and the two beds were placed against another wall, just below the window.

"Hey, Kyle, you can use the two bottom shelves of my wardrobe, and there's spare hanging space for shirts and stuff."


I felt at home, and welcome, but I was still as nervous as all fucking hell. How weird! I'd arranged this meeting on impulse, but hadn’t expected an attack of the jitters, like those I experienced the first time I’d visited Nick’s place.

"Hey, I’ll make us some coffee while you unpack. And relax, man. You look a bit stressed."

After coffee, Nick suggested I take a shower before nightfall. I’d forgotten about the outdoor shower, and no hot water. Eek! "Put this on," he said, and tossed me a towelling wrap as I was undressing. The wrap was pretty nifty, ending just below my ass. I looked like one of those Roman slave dudes. Actually, I was pretty chuffed ‘cause my legs looked good, and the wrap showed off my ass and dick.

"Hey, Kyle," he smiled as I grabbed my toiletry bag, "can we say a decent hello now?"

He didn’t wait for an answer. He wrapped his strong arms around me as I wrapped mine around him. In a second, our mouths had met. His warm, wet tongue slipped between my lips. My tongue responded in kind, and I sensed a major stirring in my loins.

Nick moved even closer to me, while his hands explored the muscles of my shoulders and back. Meantime, my hands found their way under his t, and felt the smooth, firm contours of his toned chest.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle," he grinned as our faces moved apart, and his eyes searched mine, "I really didn’t expect you to come back here… ever."

Then there was a simultaneous flurry of impatient hands as he pulled the wrap off me, and I lifted his t over his head. Next came a frantic struggle with his belt buckle, and the buttons of his jeans. Finally, I slid his jeans down his legs as I knelt on one knee, then placed my hands on his buns, and pulled his crotch to my face. He was wearing black briefs, with a fresh pre-cum stain. Wicked! The smell of Nick’s manhood was driving me totally, fucking wild as my mouth closed around the huge bulge in his briefs. My cum-filled nuts were aching big time.

Nick dropped to his knees, then immediately laid back. I seized the opportunity to pull his jeans off his ankles, then toss them aside. I grabbed his briefs. The instant his big, thick, uncut dick was free of the elastic waistband, it slammed against his flat stomach, sending splashes of pre-cum over his abs.

By then, we were both totally outa control, possessed by the boundless passion of red-blooded youth. The moment we’d been looking forward to… hoping for… had finally arrived.

As soon as Nick’s briefs had become a crumpled heap on the floor, I leaned forward and took his delicious throbber into my mouth. There was another flurry of arms and legs as Nick arranged himself into a 69 position, then closed his mouth around my nuts. Meanwhile, I used my lips to push his foreskin all the way past his knob, and savored the sweet, warm taste of his pre-cum. Then a bolt of electricity shot through my crotch as I felt Nick’s lips and tongue performing their incredible magic on my swollen, sensitive cockhead.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle!" he laughed before jumping up and standing above me.


"Fuck, man, this is soooo wild!"

I rolled over onto my back, rested my upper body on my elbows, and I gazed at the superb sight towering above me. In all the excitement, I hadn’t realized how fucking buffed he was. Every single muscle was perfectly cut and honed… a boy’s face on a twink’s body. Awesome! My cock was bouncing around so damn much, I thought I was gonna shoot a hands-free load right there and then.

"Hey, you been going to the gym every day or something?"

"Nope," he grinned, then took a flying leap at me, which almost knocked the wind outa me as he landed. Our mouths met, and our tongues began another round of frenzied activity as Nick reached down and lifted one of my legs. I kept my leg in the air, allowing his fingers to run along the inside of my thigh until they’d reached my ass crack.

Instinctively, I raised my hips off the floor, then felt his finger enter my hole, and begin to play with my prostate. While still kissing passionately, I reached down until I found his rock-hard boner, which began to eagerly fuck my fist. My cock, meantime, was fucking every part of his body that it came into contact with.

What was totally amazing was that neither of us had shot our load… and I knew that mine was busting to explode like New Year’s fireworks.

Nick then rolled over onto his back, threw his arms above his head, and stared unfocused into space. Both our bods were covered in a light sheen of sweat. The sight of his tanned sixpack rising and falling as he breathed was way too much for me to resist, so I brought my flat hand down hard on his exposed gut. "Ow!" He gasped in surprise, and sat up. But that just made me even hornier. I rolled onto my side, and fingered his belly button, then made little curls of his pubes while the back of my hand forced his boner to one side.

"What’s up?"

"Huh? Oh… just thinking."

"About what?"

"About what it would be like if the two of us lived together."

"Fucking exhausting, bro," I laughed.

"Shuddup, and suck my cock while I at least think about it."

I was giggling when I took his fat, spit-shiny dick into my mouth, and so was he… his stomach was jerking the side of my face as he laughed. Then, all of a sudden, he shouted, "Stop!" I looked at him, wondering what the hell he was going on about. "Enough already! I don’t wanna shoot just yet. I wanna save this massive load for you tonight. You’re gonna drown, Kyle. Let’s go shower."

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